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About Lore

In 2015 our family had moved from one small town to a smaller town. We were in a new neighborhood and a new community. I'd met another mom at the bus stop and after a few tentative conversations and playdates she invited me over to make soap with her. 

So, one evening, in her kitchen, she taught me to make soap. We measured and stirred and measured again. We gathered essential oils, mixing citruses and earthy scents together in our new creations. Stirred in clays and mica's and poured the batter into molds, attempting some pretty swirls as the soap set. And at the end we had eight small bars of beautiful soap and I was in love.

We met back in that kitchen many times after that and I found myself deeply enjoying the pure creativity and beauty that is soap making. There's always room for experimenting with color or scent or clay or botanical or butter or oil, the list is endless.  And then putting a beautiful, natural bar into someone's hands was such a joyful act. I loved it and I wanted to do more of it.

I decided to open up my own soap shop. As I started cobbling together all the supplies, making lists and experimenting in the evenings I was thinking about what I would call this little soap shop. I knew that I wanted to make natural soap; soap made from minerals and clays and botanicals that you could find in your garden. I knew that I wanted the color palette to span the breadth of neutrals and blushes and earth tones. I knew that I wanted the packaging to be modern and minimalistic because I'm both those things at heart, but what to call the shop?

Somewhere in that thought journey, this image started popping up in my head of women wearing time-worn aprons bent together over vats of lye and oils, stirring and chattering, wiping the sweat off their brows as they shared stories and experiences with each other to pass the time. An older woman gently showing a younger woman that you have to put this in first and not that; walking her through each step with patience as her mother had done with her and her grandmother had done with her mother. And just how my neighbor had done with more, passing on the lore of soapmaking.

Lore Soap. 

And that is how Lore Soap Co. came to be. 

We have a simple mission and that is to put into your hands a simple and natural, yet beautiful, products that can transform your everyday. Beauty should be enjoyed every day, not just on special occasions.